HYDROGEN ON DEMAND will make your engines run Cleaner, Longer, using Less Fuel while emitting Less Pollutants into the atmosphere.  Our Patented Technology is a “must have” to help reduce Green House Gas emissions, and we are so confident that you will like what our equipment does for your engines that we will let you try it for 3 months to see for yourself how good it is, and if you don’t agree with our claims, we will immediately refund your purchase price.

Our technology overcomes the limitations of traditional hydrogen production by making it when it’s needed, on site instantly.  The process is clean with no new carbon  emissions.

Our Hydrogen on Demand technology is uniquely positioned to bring about a sensible  clean energy transition by Decarbonizing current dirty burning Diesel engines enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably.  Simultaneously we will meet tomorrow’s Zero Emissions fuel requirements by eliminating the need for producing and transporting hydrogen to where it’s needed, by making it when and where it’s needed.

Introducing our Hydrogen into your engines can increase their thermal efficiency from approximately 70 to 99.4%.   In marine applications our equipment can help eliminate the need for scrubbers and filters while cleaning up the dirty exhaust.

Our mission is to promote a viable transition to a Greener world using our Patented  technology to enable Diesel fuel to burn cleaner to meet existing and future global  requirements.

The Hydrogen on Demand pioneering company was founded in the Silicon Valley of California in 2015.

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LIMITED WARRANTY 25,000 hours, 300,000 miles, Three Years. The system does not use any electrolytes or additives, making it safe and easy to use, maintain, and refill with common distilled water.

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